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We share the same agenda, drive more traffic to your city and to your city attractions.  The NewsSTAND on JustMy is your new publishing partner, one of the most exciting features is Shared Links.  With Shared Links you drive more traffic to your website.  Content is shown as part of the NewsSTAND, when clicked, the content is opened on your website.  Are you still pushing out Press Releases hoping they will get published by local media outlets?  As a Content Partner with JustMy, you publish great content on your own and we promote it!

Digital Tools for Your Partners

Digital Business Cards, Profiles, and Shared Features make JustMy the perfect content partner for you and your network of local attractions.  JustMy provides LOCALS with better control over their search content because we keep you in total control of your content!

Digital Event Guides

With our Digital Event Guides, LOCALS have more access to valuable information they need while attending events.  The who, what and why of local events plus content from your Tourism Department are all packed into one easy-to-use and access Digital Event Guide.  With the help of QR Codes, event info is accessible from anywhere.  Looking for a hotel or great places to eat while attending an event, no worries!  Take a look inside your Event Guide powered by your LOCAL Tourism Department and JustMy!

Drive Traffic. Easy.

Digital Tools allow you and your local partners to update things like hours, health notices, and more in real-time.  Info is updated by your team or your partners, this allows you to better serve the community attending local events!

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Digital Business Cards & Profiles

Digital Business Cards from JustMy are the first cards that work for you without you even thinking about it. We call them myCARD, the Smart Digital Business Card from JustMy.  With your help, information about LOCAL Events and Attractions will be everywhere!


Why wait on Google and Social Media to support and promote your LOCAL Partners, with myNETWORK from JustMy, now your area attractions work together to promote each other while growing the benefits of your Tourism Department!

Concierge Service

Our New Concierge Service helps get you and your partners onboarded quickly and ensures that the public is always getting the correct information they need!

Event Support

Use Event Support as a way of helping Attractions and Trade Events increase spending by educating travelers on all that is going in and around your public events.  Make things even better by taking this opportunity to share LOCAL tourism information like places to stay, places to eat, and other things to do.  Best of all, because these guides are Digital, they can be updated instantly!

JustMy Supports LOCAL Events

With Digital Event Guides, Recap Videos, Event Countdowns and More . . .

Bacon Eggs & Kegs Nashville
Our goal is to help bring more awareness and traffic to LOCAL Events
Stompdown Memphis
Celebrating and Educating Youth by support of Youth Programming
Hope House Charity Event
Helping LOCAL Non-Profits drive donors, sponsorships, and attendance for LOCAL events

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