What if we all worked together to create better communities? What if we helped LOCAL business owners with TOOLS to help them market and manage their business? What if we created TOOLS that helped LOCAL non-profits do more, reach more, and serve more? What if we helped LOCALS connect more with the #BeAmazing things going on in their Community?

That is what we are doing here at JustMy, building Digital Tools for you and your community. We could use your help, just create a free account today and check out our Digital TOOLBox.

Let’s #BeAmazing Together

From Franchise Organizations to Direct Sales Groups, JustMy is here to help your team with Digital Tools.  We focus on helping create leads, steady traffic, and increase your local online reach.  Keeping your members in the spotlight with product announcements, content sharing, and client communications is super easy with help from the #FunCrew of JustMy.

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DigitalTOOLS with Your Brand

JustMy is here to give your team the tools they need to get the most out of their network. Making sure you content is leveraged to get prospects started down your funnel. With content being king, JustMy wants your brand and your team members to be seen in the communities they serve. Make sure that volunteer event footage or the newly launched campaign is being served at every touchpoint so you never miss and opportunity to make an impact.

Instant Updates

Keep your team ON BRAND. Manage your brand logo and colors across your entire team. Feel like changing up your colors for the holiday for the team's SMART digital business cards? Do it. Need to update your office phone number or that perfect domain name you've been bidding for your team that has already gone out and made connections? Do it. Then tell your team to get their connections to #grabmyCARD go the excitement going.

Big Budget Reach for Every One

JustMy wants to put you front and center in every market you partner with us. Organic reach hasn't ever been so... organic. Your links on JustMy are your links. Put as many as you want and keep all that juicy traffic.

Your Content Sells

People slow down to consume content, whether it's information or entertaining they are giving you an opportunity to pitch them as a lead. JustMy makes it easier than ever to get more eyeballs on your content. The best time to sell anyone is when they are trying to find out more about you, with CTAs next to your content how much easier could it get!

Let's #BeAmazing Together

Let's #BeAmazing Together

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Let's #BeAmazing Together
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