JustMy Community Partner Program

Let's #BeAmazing: Community Partners

You can be a Sponsor in Your Community helping locals get back on their feet.

The Details!

Our team here at JustMy wants to help everyone get back up and going. But we can't do this alone. So we are asking local business owners that can, to help us #BeAmazing Together. The cost to your business is only $250.00 a month with only a 3 month commitment required. For this you get some pretty amazing perks for your business and you get the honor of helping other local businesses and non profits get back up and on their feet!

What's Included?

  • Monthly Video Sponsorship
  • Rotating Banner on Local Related Channel with Call to Actions
  • Content Channel & Social Sharing
  • Premium Profile Set-Up on JustMy
  • All for only 250.00 per month

Monthly Video Sponsorship

JustMy is working hard to lift the mood of local communities with daily features focused on the positive things going on in the community. These video features will cover a range of topics from community events to financial planning. Your business will be featured on at least one video per month as the sponsor.

Rotating Banner on Local Related Channel with Call to Actions

Showing an ad is one thing, providing easy call to actions is a way better thing. When your banner ad shows up on JustMy, you have the option to provide up to 3 links with it. So now you can direct viewers traffic directly where you want them to go.

Content Channel & Social Sharing

Everyone tells you to create great content, what most people don't talk about is getting people to see your content. JustMy adds your content to the NewsStand in areas where people are already reading and looking for related content. So now your blog content becomes a traffic driver for your site. We also have made it very easy for visitors to like and share your content almost anywhere! So go ahead and create great content for your site and let's #BeAmazing together.

MyProfile Pro Service +

MyProfile is a new service from JustMy, technically it is still in Beta testing. Think of it as your Digital Business Card on Steroids. All your content is there together in one place. Add your profile to your email signatures, to your newsletters, add our icon with your other social media icons, and see how easy it is to promote your business. We aren't done yet, more perks and #BeAmazing tools are coming to MyProfile Pro!

Added Perks for our Community Partners

It is going to take all of us working together to bring things back to what was once called normal, so the team at JustMy wanted to give our Community Sponsors a few more perks! So during your sponsorship, we have these add-on bonuses

Logo Rotation on Let's #BeAmazing Email Blast and Features
Video Editing and Off-Site Production at Pay What you Can Rates
Event & Community Engagement Promotional Support
Social Media & Content Management at Pay What you Can Rates

Sign-Up Now!

Free or Pay What You Can Advertising, Content, Video, and Social Media support for businesses and non-profits impacted by Covid-19.  Call JR Robinson  615.241.3040  or email jr@justmycities.com for questions.