The NewsSTAND use to be a place where you could find all the LOCAL magazines, newspapers, and city guides. Great LOCAL Content all together in one place.  JustMy is proud to introduce the Digital NewsSTAND.  A place where LOCALS can find all the content they love together in one place!

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Simply Share Your Content

We want to help LOCAL Media thrive. The NewsSTAND is a place that directs traffic to your website, not away from it.  Your content is previewed on the NewsSTAND with our related Channels and Headline sections.  Users click to read and they are taken to your website to fully engage with your content.  The NewsSTAND is just another highway directing traffic to you!

Your Partner Profile

Much like the NewsSTANDs of Yesterday, you have your own space where all your content can easily be found.  But we didn't stop there. Your Profile includes Hotlinks to drive subscriptions, ad sales, campaign support, and more.  It's your profile and you can do with it as you please!

Digital Tools for Your Team

Digital Business Cards, Profiles, and Shared Features make JustMy the perfect media partner for you and your team. Using our Digital Business Cards makes driving sales and engagement easy.  Everything you need to pitch your business is right on your business cards and they are one of the Perks of Being a Media Content Partner with JustMy.

Digital Event and Campaign Guides

As a LOCAL media outlet, you are most likely hosting and promoting local events. Many of you are also showing your community support by teaming up as media sponsors for LOCAL Charity Events.  JustMy is proud to provide Digital Event and Campaign Guides for our local Media Partners.  These guides can include your branding, your content, and engagement features like tickets, maps, floorplans, schedules, and more.  The guides can be embedded into your website or shared with QR codes.  We made them easy to email and text.  These are perfect for live events, crowds can scan the QR code as they enter an event and use the guide to easily discover everything they need and want to know about the event! 

Partnership is Free

Working together is more important today than ever before. JustMy is here to help LOCALS thrive and one way we do that is by helping media outlets expand the reach of their content. Fill out the form below and learn more about how we can work together to promote the positive things going on in your community.  Let's go for the Win/Win!

The GOOD Stuff

Team up with JustMy to help 100,000 businesses and non-profits get back on their feet after the impact of Covid-19 and the resulting recession.

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What if we all worked together to create better communities? What if we helped LOCAL business owners with TOOLS to help them market and manage their business? What if we created TOOLS that helped LOCAL non-profits do more, reach more, and serve more? What if we helped LOCALS connect more with the #BeAmazing things going on in their Community?

That is what we are doing here at JustMy, building Digital Tools for you and your community. We could use your help, just create a free account today and check out our Digital TOOLBox.

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