Steps To Remove and Prevent Rust on a Car
September 02, 2021
Rust is a natural chemical process that vehicle owners are most likely going to see at some point. These tips will help remove any rust from your . .

Rust is an unfortunate circumstance that can occur on any vehicle. No matter where you live, as soon as the underlying steel oxidizes, it forms rust. Not only is vehicle rust ugly to look at, but it’s also corrosive and can cause future performance and safety issues. Read this quick guide on the steps to remove and prevent rust on a car before it leaves yours immobile.

Identify the Type of Rust

The first step in removing car rust is to determine what type of rust it is. There are three main types of rust that affect vehicles: surface rust, scale rust, and penetrating rust. Surface rust is arguably the most common and occurs when the paint surface peels and exposes the underlying steel. As the least damaging type of rust, this is not an immediate issue. Still, keep it in mind. Scale rust is more corrosive and can ruin the underlying metals of your vehicle. Small holes and paint blisters commonly signify scale rust. Lastly, penetrating rust requires immediate repair. This occurs when rust actually corrodes the metal on your vehicle, which can further damage and cause performance issues. Whichever type you notice, take precautions to remove it and prevent further rusting.

Sand or Use Rust Remover

When actually removing rust on your vehicle, have some important items on hand. This includes:

Park your car on a flat surface out in the open. If you’re in your garage, keep the windows and door open for proper ventilation. Wash the area first. Then, after it dries, use the hand scraper to remove paint chips or blisters. Use the sander or sandpaper on the abrasive surface to smoothen it. Once done, wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth. Repeat this process with different grit sandpaper to thoroughly remove tough rust spots. 

Touch Up

When you’re finished removing the rust, it’s time to touch up with paint, primer, clearcoat, polish, and wax. Since this is the last step to remove and prevent rust on a car, take your time. Apply the primer first. Then use your touch-up paint applicator with the right color code to match your vehicle’s OEM paint job. Apply these as directed. Finish with the clearcoat. Then let the vehicle dry in a cool, shaded area. If you want, apply polish and wax for a smooth, shiny finish.



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