Digital Business Card, Bio-Link, Landing Page, Content Melting Pot?

No matter what you call it, myCARD from JustMy brings all your content from across the web together in one easily share-able, text-able, email-able, scan-able, and use-able link. Your contact info, services, products, videos, blog posts, portfolios, coupons, deals, and the list goes on.  

Social Bio-Link

You only get one link on your social media profiles.  myCARD makes them count and turns a single link into unlimited links.  With Custom Tabs, myCARD allows you to perfectly organize your links and share them with everyone!

Digital Business Card

Contact info, Social info, Content, and Call to Actions all come together to create the ultimate Business Card.  Unlike traditional business cards, myCARD can be updated instantly.  This card knows how to #BeAmazing!

The Ultimate QR Code Link

Now your QR Code has the power to share your website and all of your other content with just one simple click.  Never miss another opportunity to make a great first impression!

Customized for Everyone

The #FunCrew of JustMy is creating special editions of myCARD for every industry.  We aren't stopping at making the best Digital Business Card on the market, we are taking things a step further by creating add-on tools designed to increase your traffic and to better help you reach all your marketing goals!

Home Screen

Have your brand ready for any connection at the tap of a finger.

Text It

Someone asking for your services? Shoot them a text with a link to your SMART Digital Business Card

Email It

Put it in everyone's inbox so they can easily get to your contact info and content

Share with QR

Flash this and never be forgotten

Your Links

All your content from anywhere on the web, in one place.

Productive Bio-Link

Unlimited links from one. This is perfect for your link in bio on any platform.

Powerful QR

Recruit, pitch, sell, share with just a scan. Print it out and stick it to your car, office door, and even your forehead if you want!

Great Introductions

Let your audience have access to every piece of content.

Coming Soon

myREFERRAL pays you just for sharing your Digital Business Card! Let's #BeAmazing Together