Ways To Decrease the Weight of Your Jeep
June 10, 2021
If you’re interested in improving the fuel economy and performance of your ride, consider implementing these effective ways to decrease the weight of your Jeep.

Whether you have reached your maximum towing capacity and need to make room for a larger load, or you simply want to improve the fuel economy and performance of your Jeep, decreasing its overall weight can be an effective solution. When it comes to shedding some weight off your ride, there are several paths that you can take. To learn about some of the most popular ways to decrease the weight of your Jeep, continue reading.

Remove Your Jeep’s Top and Doors

An effective way to significantly decrease the weight of your Jeep is to remove its hardtop and doors. The average weight of a Jeep’s hardtop is around 218 lbs, with each front door weighing around 70 lbs, and each back door around 45 lbs. As such, removing a hardtop and all the doors on a four-door Jeep could decrease its weight by around 568 lbs. When you consider that every 100 lbs of weight you remove from a Jeep can generally improve its fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent, removing your Jeep’s doors and top can have a large impact on how much you pay at the gas station.

Swap Steel for Aluminum

Another way to decrease the weight of your Jeep is to swap out steel wheels, body armor, and bumpers for aluminum ones. While one cubic inch of steel weighs around 4.5 ounces, one cubic inch of aluminum only weighs around 1.6 ounces. By opting for wheels, body armor, and bumpers made from lightweight aluminum, you can decrease the overall weight of your Jeep.

Reconsider Your Seating

If you have a backseat but barely ever have backseat passengers, you’re essentially just lugging around an extra 65-70 lbs for no reason. To reduce your Jeep’s weight, consider simply removing your backseat entirely.

If you still need to use your backseat from time to time, consider opting for aftermarket suspension seats instead. In addition to being more comfortable, suspension seats are generally far lighter than the stock seats that come with your Jeep.



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