A Place for LOCALS

What if there was a single link where you could stay informed on what's going on in your community from multiple local media outlets at once? What if there was a single link where you could find local events, support local organizations, and shop local businesses? What if there was a single link where you could find out what's going on this weekend and help the community at the same time. Well the wait is over. Introducing the NewsSTAND from JustMy. We are building it right now in over 185 cities across the country. Subscribe today and let's Build Something Amazing together

A Place for LOCAL Business Owners

LOCAL business owners get free Digital Tools including a Custom Profile Page and Digital Business Cards. If you are a business owner, this is the one place to share "Your contact info, services, products, videos, blog posts, portfolios, coupons, deals, and the list goes on." Request a Free Consultation with our Concierge Service

A Place for Non-Profits

Just like with Local Businesses, JustMy is providing free tools to help LOCAL non-profit organizations. Request a Free Consultation with our Concierge Service

JustMy Supports Local Journalism and Media

The internet and streaming services have made it super easy to forget local media. At JustMy we decided the NewsSTAND should be a place to find, share, and support local media. With rich content that can only come from LOCALS, the NewsSTAND is adding more fresh local content everyday! If you are part of a local media outlet, click here to learn more

Support for the Local Chambers

Helping grow the local economy and helping your local communities thrive is what you do every day at the Chamber of Commerce. JustMy is here to help both you and your members with Digital Tools. From Digital Business Cards to our Digital NewsSTAND, we are working to help LOCALS thrive! Click here to learn more!

What's going on this weekend? Local Events, Trends, News, and More. All on the NewsSTAND. Coupons, Deals, and Local Experts as you have never seen them before! You can even share and create positive local contents youself!
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One-Click and Boom!

Post here, post there, post everywhere! Now you can, with the NewsSTAND and the Content Hub from JustMy, now you can Create Content on JustMy or Anywhere Else and instantly share it to your Local NewsSTAND, Your Website, Social Media, and to your Digital Business Cards.


Create a Job Posting on InDeed. With the Content Hub you can now Publish it Everywhere instantly.  You can also Create Job Posting on JustMy for Free!

Coupons, Deals, Offers

Get more traffic to your Groupon Deals with Instant Share using the Content Hub and the NewsSTAND together!


You posted your event on Eventbrite and now you want more people to see it.  No worries, the Content Hub and the NewsSTAND will help you create the Buzz You Need!

Share Something Positive

The NewsSTAND on JustMy was created for the Community.  So we invite the community to join in by publishing positive things going on in and around their community!

Create, Publish, and Share Content to one person or 1000's.  JustMy is proud to introduce the NewsSTAND and the Content Hub.  These tools work together to help you connect your business, message, or organization to more locals.  Take a look at a few of the features with #DuythePres as he walks through our Digital Tools for the NewsSTAND from JustMy!

Let’s #BeAmazing Together.  Are you a Business Owner, work for a LOCAL Non-Profit, or are you a LOCAL Journalist?  Click the Button to Partner with JustMy!