Small Donations You Can Make That Have a Big Impact
Local & National News | March 08, 2021
Even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference. Here are a few small ways you can give back to your community that will have a big impact.

When most people think of giving back to their community or a charity, they imagine large cash donations or oversized checks. The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to be rich to make a huge difference. Obviously, money is very useful to charities, but even if you don’t have much disposable income, you can still help those in need. Here are a few small donations you can make that have a big impact you can be proud of.

Social Media Shares

It might seem like the least you could possibly do for a charity or a fundraiser, but social media likes and shares are essential to their success. Even if you can’t donate yourself, signal boosting these organizations by utilizing your own social media platforms can be extremely beneficial. You never know; you might be able to put it in front of someone who does have the means to help out, meaning you indirectly helped that organization get a donation.

Your Time

Money isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to helping others. Your valuable time is another donation that can have a much more significant impact than you might think. Simply spending time with someone who needs companionship, such as elderly or sick people, can make a real difference in those people’s lives.

Small Business Support

If you’d like to make a small donation with a big impact, try supporting your smaller local businesses instead of larger chains. Many local businesses use their own money to give back to their community, so your support is tangentially supporting your community as well. You were probably going to buy coffee and groceries anyway, so you may as well give your money to businesses that also care about your community.

Free Services

Do you have a skill you think could be useful to others? You can always donate those skills and teach others through classes, workshops, and tutoring. Whether you focus on children, young adults, or older students, someone will be able to gain a useful skill through you. You could teach a new language, run a cooking class, start a sports team, or lead any number of other seminars that could be valuable to others.

Clothing Donations

Believe it or not, donating clothes is very easy and makes an enormous impact on those who need them. Places like the Purple Heart Pickup will come straight to your house to grab donations and put them to good use. As long as the clothes are in good condition, you can feel good about providing quality clothing to someone who otherwise couldn’t afford it.


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