QR Codes & MyProfile
Blog | July 17, 2020
Covid-19 brought back the QR Code and JustMy has made it the best thing since sliced bread for LOCALs

QR or Quick Response Codes

"QR" stands for "Quick Response", which refers to the instant access to the information hidden in the Code. QR Codes are extremely useful as the technology to unlock them is now available for everyone. All iPhones (running on iOS 11 and higher) need no additional apps to scan QR codes, and Android also supports QR codes. Originally developed by the automotive industry, the QR Code has found its way into mobile marketing with the widespread adoption of smartphones.

QR's increase both in-store engagement as well as keeping your customer involved after-sales.

  1. Offer product information and specifications
  2. Deliver coupons and relevant deals
  3. Boost app downloads
  4. Deliver product videos
  5. Increase post-purchase engagement by allowing customers to re-order from your online store
  6. Help instant checkouts with ‘scan-and-go’
  7. Drive missed call marketing

Using QR Codes on posters and banners helps attract new customers and keeps your loyal customers engaged.

  1. Announce new products by scan-to-play launch video
  2. Make checkout lines engaging by allowing users to scan and play a hyper-casual game
  3. Reveal sales and discounts on scan
  4. Convert strategic points into checkout stations
  5. Re-target users on Facebook and Google based on their interest
  6. Get users to enroll for newsletters, loyalty programs or engage with your social media channels

Now, with the novel coronavirus wreaking havoc, QR Code powered solutions are a way both to conduct and expand your business. Across the globe, QR Codes are being used in contactless delivery, contactless pickup and most importantly contactless payments. As businesses search for a safe ways to keep consumers engaged, the QR Code provides a solution. In 2020, marketers, business owners and founders are incorporating QR codes into their marketing strategy and building entire products around it.

QR Codes and Direct Mail

When included in direct mail, QR codes help analyze engagement and conversion rates. Consumers who have scanned the QR code can also be retargeted online on Google and Facebook.

Ways Millennials commonly use QR Codes

  1. Facebook Messenger Codes and Market QR Codes
  2. SnapChat’s SnapCodes
  3. Instagram’s Nametags
  4. WeChat
  5. Contactless Payment Systems – PayPal, Walmart, and Venmo

JustMy and the QR Code go Click, Click, Boom!

Using the QR code on your business card is the easiest way to get people talking about you.  In seconds they have everything thing they need to know


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