Jerred Price – Being the Change
Local & National News | March 04, 2022
Jerred Price is a community involved leader who sees the City of Memphis as a place with a loving caring community that can improve the lives of so many others.

Community, community, and more community! Jerred is on a mission to bring the communities together by coordinating activities to solve big problems.  For example, Jerred has been involved with cleaning projects, and the simple act of helping clean one small area will encourage others to do the same. 

Jerred has also taken on many different “hats” to find ways to reach the city of Memphis including Memphis City Beautiful Commissioner, President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, and formed the initiative for the Crosswalks for Cause. Jerred seeks to help as many as he can in as many ways possible.

When you do a good job, other people will spread the good deeds you do to others. And like a candlestick that idea will spread to other communities. Jarred leads by example and wants others to go up and beyond what we as individuals are called to do. If one person helps another, eventually everyone is helping everyone. Jerred encourages everyone to get involved in their community because there is always a need that needs to be met. There are plenty of organizations and nonprofits, so, what are you waiting for?


“We can’t just sit back and complain about what needs to be changed, everyone needs to take action, step up to the plate and be change you wish to see” 

– Jerred.


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