Things To Discuss Before You Get Married
October 05, 2021
When you’re in love, it’s easy to forget about a few practical things about life with your partner. Here are some things to discuss before you get married.

Practicality often comes second when you’re in love, but neglecting to ask specific important questions can cause significant strain on your relationship in the long run. To help you avoid these stressors, here are some essential things to discuss before you get married. 


One person wanting kids and the other not has been the subject of many sitcoms over the years, but it’s far more than a comedic problem. This decision usually requires a great deal of thought, so if you and your partner want different things in this regard, it could cause significant problems in the future. Talk about children before you get engaged, and learn why your partner feels the way they do about them.


Some people see settling down in one home as their dream life after marriage, while others like the idea of moving around to see the world. This may not get in the way of your relationship, but it’s a good idea to come to a compromise so that you can both feel comfortable with your plans for the future.


If one (or both) of you is very religious, it will be difficult to avoid having the “religion conversation” when it comes time to decide on a wedding venue. Before you get to a point where that discussion is contentious, discuss your beliefs openly. Love and commitment are often stronger than different beliefs, but ensure the conversations happen to avoid surprises.

Prenuptial Agreement

This topic is awkward to bring up with your partner, but it’s important to overcome the difficulty of talking about a prenup because it’s essential. Whether you draft a prenuptial agreement or decide to skip it, you should talk about the possibility of getting one and learn the benefits of such an agreement. 

They can protect both parties should the marriage fail—it doesn’t mean you don’t believe in the relationship; it’s just for everyone’s peace of mind.

Now that you know these things to discuss before you get married, avoid an uncomfortable conversation on your honeymoon by talking things through with your partner now.



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