Tips and Tricks for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding
October 05, 2021
Weddings are wonderful, especially when they’re outside. Check out these tips for planning an outdoor wedding and get everything ready for the big day.

Weddings are a lovely way to celebrate the power of love between two people. However, planning them can be quite a feat, especially if the events are happening outdoors. Look at some of our favorite tips and tricks for planning the perfect outdoor wedding so that you can prepare for this unique and exciting day with confidence.

Notify Your Guests Ahead of Time

It’s crucial to be crystal clear about what your guests can expect at your wedding. So ensuring that your invites include any pertinent details about the venue, anticipated weather, and dress code is wise. For instance, including information like the month and day of your event can help your guests get a solid idea of whether they should bring a coat or wear more breathable clothing, like cotton.

Just as well, notifying them of your specific dress code can give them the information they need to buy an outfit that’s both functional and up to par with the kind of clothing you want your guests to wear. Giving your guests an idea of what they can expect from the event will ensure that all parties have a pleasant time and can focus on celebrating your newly forged matrimony.

Create a Comfortable Environment

There’s only so much you can do to prepare for an outdoor wedding, as Mother Nature tends to follow her own rules. So an excellent way to circumvent unforeseen issues with the great outdoors is going the extra mile to make sure you and your guests are comfortable no matter what the day brings. To illustrate, if you’re having a winter wonderland wedding in late December, it’s wise to plan for a wedding tent layout that includes outlets for portable heaters, closable walls, and a structural shape that promotes insulation.

Conversely, if you’re planning to have your ceremony on a beach in late July, having an air-conditioned enclosure complete with iced tea and chilled cocktails is your best bet. Either way, providing a few extra layers of comfort for you and your guests can add to the overall experience of your outdoor wedding.

Select Safe Lighting Options

When planning an outdoor wedding, you’ll also want to consider your lighting options. This is especially true if you’re anticipating a reception that’s going to last well after sunset. Lighting is an essential aspect of accentuating your décor and making things look pretty. However, the techniques you use to illuminate your venue can also make your event safer. 

Suppose you have the sudden urge to use the lady’s room after your nuptials, and you just had to have the fluffiest of all wedding dresses. Naturally, your wedding party runs to your aid, but because the pathway to the restroom doesn’t have enough lighting, you tumble to the ground, and your bridesmaids follow. In this case, lighting entrances, exits, and pathways to other important venue spots would’ve been an enormous help. So when you start planning for your ceremony and reception, make sure you consider lighting techniques that make your event more functional and safer.

Outdoor weddings are special events. So when the time comes to start planning yours, we hope you’ll refer to some of these tips and tricks for planning the perfect outdoor wedding.


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