Types of Photo Booths That Make Your Party More Fun
Events | October 05, 2021
Adding unique attractions to a party allows for a more enjoyable experience. These are some of the types of photo booths that make your party more fun.

An excellent way to add a little spice to your party is by incorporating a fun photo booth. In today’s technologically advanced world, your options are unique and immersive. However, maybe the classic variety is better for larger groups. You can make your shindig more memorable by looking over the types of photo booths that make your party more fun.


The most convenient option is usually the classic choice. Selecting a traditional photo booth is a solid option if you want to keep things simple. Everyone knows how the classic photo booth operates, making it a wise investment for large parties, like a wedding. 

Open Air

One of the significant drawbacks of photo booths is that we don’t see what other people do when they enter them. An option that isn’t so intrusive is the open-air booth. Seeing what everyone else is doing for their goofy and fun pictures makes others more inclined to try it. Furthermore, the open option is cheap to set up and allows you to have more guests in the image.


Everyone likely reading this is in a group chat of friends that post relatable GIFs for comedic purposes. Based on that reasoning, employing a video photo booth with GIFs is one of today’s popular possibilities. If you are looking for a more advanced option, you can use a GIF booth with holographic photos.

Degree Booths

If you ever wanted to feel like you’re on the red carpet, using a 180- or 360-degree photo booth will channel your inner celebrity. If you have seen any preshow for an awards ceremony, you know what these can do. Both booths create pictures the same way, with the 360-degree version using double the cameras. These cameras snap numerous shots from a multitude of angles to create a spinning effect. 


With the popularity of social media filters, an augmented reality (AR) photo booth allows you to customize your look. You can do various humorous things, like making your head turn into an animal or putting on a ridiculous costume. It also allows you to incorporate some brand recognition if the booth is there for a corporate event. 

These exciting types of photo booths that make your party fun will get anyone smiling and having a good time. Each booth fits a particular crowd and budget but knowing all the options available helps you make the best decision.


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