Essential Gear You Need To Play a Gig
The Arts | June 18, 2021
As a musician, you need to have all your ducks in a row before playing a gig and performing live. Check out this essential gear you need to play a gig.

Solo and band performances aren’t easy to pull off. You’ll have to manage dozens of moving parts to make the most of the opportunity. You must have all your tools and equipment ready to blow the audience away. Here is the essential gear you need to play a gig.

Instruments and Accessories

The most important gear you need to play your gig is your instrument and all its associated accessories. If you’re a guitarist, you’ll need your string instrument along with amps and effects pedals. If you’re a vocalist, you’ll need a microphone, relay earpiece, and water nearby for an optimal performance. Your accessories are what help you set your music apart, so make sure you have all your guitar straps, capos, and tuners at the ready.

Spare Parts

No one expects it to happen, but when an emergency occurs, it’s best to be prepared. You should have all the spare parts you need in case of an issue. Extra strings, replacement batteries, spare leads—each of these will stop a performer’s worst nightmare: losing the ability to perform. Gather your spare parts before you arrive on stage and keep them in a backpack just off stage.

Business-Related Items

As a musician, you’re your own one-person or one-band business. You’re responsible for finding clients, delivering your services, and promoting yourself. You must bring business-related items with you to a gig. It’s best to have some sort of business card or method for quickly conveying professional information to potential clients. Producers, restaurant owners, other musicians—you never know who could be at a gig, so come prepared to promote.

Knowing about all the essential gear you need to play a gig will help you prepare for the perfect performance. While you can’t ensure a receptive audience, you can set yourself up for success and do your best on stage


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