The Benefits of an Ethernet Connection Over Wi-Fi
March 04, 2021
Even today, the benefits of an Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi can be more advantageous and offer an overall more convenient experience than wireless.

In that last decade, Wi-Fi has come into much greater prominence and use. It is now seen as the most convenient option for networking in the home with its lack of physical wiring. While wireless is the best option for home use, there are still circumstances where the benefits of an Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi still hold true. Know what your situation is and choose your method of networking accordingly.

Because of the continual advancement of technology, Wi-Fi has sped up significantly over the years. With typical internet download speeds of 10 to 25 megabits per second (Mbps), it can reach as high as 150 or 800 Mbps. While those are impressive speeds to attain, it’s still typically slower compared to what Ethernet can offer.

The Speed of Ethernet

Ethernet usually comes in three different standard speeds. The first is 100 Mbps, the second is 1,000 Mbps—or one gigabit (Gbps)—and the final standard speed is 10,000 Mbps, or 10 Gbps. The reason why Ethernet is so much faster than Wi-Fi is because of the physical interfacing between the computer and the network. It’s a direct line between the two that Wi-Fi currently can’t compete with.

The Limits of Ethernet

While Ethernet cables are by far the faster option, the length of the cable can cause several problems. Keep this limitation in mind when networking across large areas.

What is the Most Secure Option?

When you need to keep your data safe from potential hackers, the best option available to you is an Ethernet connection. The reason behind the security of Ethernet is because a device needs a physical connection with the cable in order to siphon data. With a wired connection, if a hacker is not directly attached, then they cannot steal data.

Wi-Fi’s Security Shortcomings

The convenience of a wireless connection can also be its greatest downfall. Because a Wi-Fi connection travels through the air, it can be accessed by anyone knowledgeable enough.

Know What You Need

There are many benefits to having an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, but sometimes those advantages won’t make a significant difference depending on your needs. For home use, a wired connection may not be the most convenient, and security might not be an issue. While in a corporate setting, extra speed and security can facilitate greater productivity.


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