Essential Items You Need for Your New Haircutting Salon
February 04, 2021
A salon can’t function without the right tools. These are a few essential items you need for your new salon to fulfill your client’s needs and expectations.

When you’re in the process of opening up your own beauty salon, there’s a lot to do to ensure it’s successful. Between marketing your new business to finding skilled beauticians and making your vision a reality, there doesn’t seem to be time for much else. However, before you officially open your doors, you must set up your location. These are some of the essential items you need for your new salon to ensure your first appointments go smoothly.

Waiting Area Seating

You can’t invite clients into your salon without providing a comfortable place for them to sit. Quality waiting area seating is the key to keeping your clients relaxed—even if they have to wait a few extra minutes. Find pieces that offer the proper back support and feature a style that matches that of the environment. Filling in this space with coffee tables, magazines, and a reception desk will also help set the atmosphere and give your salon a more professional appearance.

Workstation Furniture

Of course, you also want to set up proper workstations so that stylists can cut and style hair effectively. You should include large mirrors, tables, and salon chairs that anyone can adjust to their needs. Before purchasing the chairs, make sure that you inspect them for quality and functionality. They should move up and down and turn for you while keeping the client comfortable.

Haircutting Supplies

You’ll need various types of haircutting supplies, like brushes, combs, clips, and shears. Haircutting shears are especially important, since they’re the instruments stylists will use the most. Remember that there are several different kinds of haircutting shears. Having a few of each on-hand is vital to being prepared.

Hair Products

Other essential items you need for your new salon include a diverse stock of hair washing and general care products. Since your clients will have varying hair types and needs, you’ll need enough supplies to ensure you have something they can use. This might mean buying from several different brands and selecting products that cater to hair of specific colors and textures.


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