Looking for 100 Big Brothers and Big Sisters
Local & National News | February 04, 2021
The #FunCrew is teaming up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mid-South to help find 100 mentors for amazing youth here in the Memphis area!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mid-South has a tradition of building the future of Mid-South’s youth helping them be the best they can be, one child at a time.  Today the organization has about 100 local youth on their list waiting for a mentor.

Many students across the nation are dealing with sudden changes to their social lives and daily routines, the inability to access education, food insecurity, and some may even experience unsafe (emotional or physical) home environments. These challenges can present feelings of sadness, despair, anxiety, and stress said Dr. Gil Noam, founder, and director of The PEAR Institute (Partnerships in Education and Resilience) at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

An Invitation to the Heroes
If you are a mentor today or you have served as a mentor in the past for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mid-South, the #FunCrew of #JustMy would like to share your story.  Share the impact being a mentor has had on your life, share how you made time to be a mentor, and finally invite your friends and the community around you to join you in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mid-South by becoming a mentor.

Getting involved is easy.  Just fill out the form below and the #FunCrew of #JustMy will book a Zoom interview with you.  Together we can help find mentors for the youth of Memphis and the Mid-South.

Big Brothers Big Sisters | Story of the Why!


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