Tips to Improve the Performance of Your PPC Campaigns
Business 101 | December 17, 2020
PPC or Pay-per-click campaigns have become a lucrative and promising way of boosting your sales and brand awareness.

Their appeal lies in fast results, suitability for both big and small businesses, and the fact that they will direct just the right customers at just the right time to your ads. So if you have been investing your time and effort into a PPC campaign but aren't getting the expected results, it might be the right time to reevaluate your work. There are always ways to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns - you just need to decide how willing you are to keep working at it. Either way, we bring you five tips that you might want to utilize if you are running a PPC campaign or thinking about it. Success and boosted organic results are waiting.

Investing time and money in a PPC campaign usually brings good results. 

Essential tips to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns

Bear in mind that there are many different tactics you could try to see growth in your organic traffic. However, if you are trying to run a successful PPC campaign, there are five things you need to do if you want to achieve favorable results. 

1. Know your goals

How can you know whether your PPC campaign is working if you don't have your goals clearly defined? You can't expect your journey to go in the right direction if you don't know where it is supposed to end. At the very start of the process, you need to decide exactly what you are trying to achieve from paid search ads. It goes without saying that the goals you set will mostly depend on the type of business you are running. 
Once you have your goals clearly defined, you ought to think about the who, how, and where. Who do you want your ads to reach? How do you want to market your business? Where do you want to run your ads? All of these things will help you run a better PPC campaign, as well as give you a clue into which tools you could utilize in your digital marketing strategy. Software like CRM can be of great help to your efforts, apart from different PPC management tools, such as Google Ads Editor

2. Choose the right keywords

The right keywords are essential for a successful PPC campaign. The good news is that Google can provide you with a tool that can generate keywords based on the analysis of your website. The bad news is that you might want to do your own independent research and choose the keywords that have a high CTR (click-through rate). How are you supposed to improve the performance of your Pay-per-click campaign if you don't have a list of supreme performing keywords? 

Spend as much time as necessary on ensuring you choose the right keywords. 

Bear in mind that if your target audience is placed in a certain location, you should use a VPN while conducting research on which keywords rank well on that specific territory. Just make sure you choose a good VPN - not all of them are equally reliable.

3. Create engaging ads in order to improve your PPC campaigns

The success of any business largely depends on how it portrays itself to the public. Just ask your local media outlet, and they will tell you that an engaging title, for example, could make or break the ad. That being said, it goes without saying that the process of creating an attractive ad should be high up on your priorities list. Now, there are so many different things to be mindful of that it isn't easy to list them all. But a few things to keep in mind while writing your PPC ads include:

  • Pay attention to titles and headings
  • Use call-to-action
  • Attention-grabbing power words such as Free, Hurry, and Today Only should be in your ad
  • Be clear and concise

In other words, every minute you spend on creating an engaging ad will be well-spent. You should never underestimate the power of just one well-written and well-thought-out ad - let alone a few of them. 

4. Don't forget about mobile users

Did you know that as much as 45% of people in the world use a smartphone nowadays? And with more people opting to use their phones instead of PCs while browsing the web, it's quite clear that you can't neglect to optimize your campaign for mobile users. There is one thing we can tell you with all certainty - mobile users will be searching for short keywords. So besides making sure your website and landing pages are optimized for mobile users, you also need to focus on short-tail keywords. This will help you with mobile users, but you can rest assured it will positively affect people using their tablets or PCs for browsing. 

Forgetting to optimize your keywords for mobile users would be a great mistake.

5. Frequently monitor your PPC campaign

What would happen if you wanted to lose some weight? You would go on a diet, lose the weight you intended, and then you would continue to monitor what you eat in order to keep that weight off permanently. The situation is the same with your PPC campaign. If you need to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns, you cannot forget to monitor their success. You can use Google Analytics or Google ads to gain some valuable insights into your campaign. Track whether you are receiving new traffic to your landing pages, see whether that traffic is converting into leads, and estimate whether you are getting the bang for your buck. Hopefully, you will be happy with what you see. But if you are not, you can take further action in a timely manner. 


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