The Digital You | How to Use it . . .
Digital Perks | December 29, 2020
Everything is easy once you know what you are doing!

Your Social Bio Link

JustMy.Com/You is your visual webpage that can be added as your social media bio link for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more!  Bundle all your content links on a single webpage. Include brand pages, product links, affiliate links, articles, YouTube videos, music tracks, images and more!

Create as Many Custom Tabs as You Want
This feature is new and will be added to your account in just a few weeks.  Create Custom Tabs to bundle your links and content together into easy to use and navigate tabs.  You can even change the title, description, and image for your links!  With JustMy, your bio link on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok and more; well now your bio link is your best tool for sharing the Digital You!

Add and Edit Content Anytime
Add any type of link to your JustMy account at any time to keep it up-to-date. Add affiliate product links, website links, video links, blog post links and much more.

Standout with Pro
myCARD Pro allows you to choose from various fonts, colors and customize with design elements. You can add images, button text, header image and so much more to make your link more appealing. Your Insta bio link does not have to be boring anymore.

Looks Great on all Devices
JusttMy designed your link with layouts that are fully responsive so they look great on all devices no matter how you customize your link, it will look amazing on any device!.

Your Email Signature

myCARD is a great way to introduce yourself.  But at JustMy our goal is to help expand your reach and to help your introductions make more of an impact.  Your account includes a Free Email Signature that allows every email you send to be an introduction to the Digital You.  All your #BeAmazing content is just one click away in every email you send!


Your QR Code

Your account has a QR Code ready for you to download and share.  It is also on the mobile version of your card.  Add your QR code to your printed business cards, flyers, posters, menus, signage, and advertising.  We are adding more server-generated versions of your QR code to give you plenty of ways to get your link out everywhere!  All your content, all your links are just one click away.  Expand your reach with the use of your QR Code from JustMy!

One Great Business Card

With JustMy, now you can manage your business card even when you wear different hats.  You might work multiple jobs, you might own a business on the side, maybe you are on a board of directors, no matter how many hats you wear.  This is your one place to make an impact in everything you do!  Introducing the Digital You.  Click here to learn how myCARD works for businesses.


JustMy is about supporting LOCALS, check out these LOCAL area businesses and organizations! Everything you want to know about them is here! Like and Share TODAY! If you are a local business and would like a free listing with us, create your Digital Business Card today and we will share it with the community!