A Memphis Symphony Orchestra and Shelby County Schools Collaboration
December 18, 2019
A fun musical interpretation of a story presented FREE OF CHARGE in your school by a small ensemble from the MSO during the school day OR in the evening – invite parents!

A fun musical interpretation of a story presented FREE OF CHARGE in your school by a small ensemble from the MSO during the school day OR in the evening – invite parents!

School Tunes and Tales are storybook concerts with musical animation that  introduce instruments of the orchestra and promotes reading and comprehension.  School Tunes & Tales are typically presented at Family Nights, Literacy Nights and other in-school activities that support Title I compliance and 3rd Grade reading proficiency. Performances are available to schools throughout Shelby County. 

For more information or to schedule your School's Tunes & Tales please contact Erin Kaste. 

Erin Kaste

(901) 779 - 7834


See below for open dates. Call or email Erin Kaste today to schedule a Tunes & Tales for your school! You can also Download the Flyer Here

2019-20 Available dates (first come, first served)


Sept 20,  Sept 24,  Sept 25,  Oct 9,  Oct 10

Jan 7,  Jan 8,  Jan 21,  Jan 22,  Feb 4,  Feb 5,  Feb 7,  Feb 13

Mar 4,  Mar 5,  Mar 6,  Mar 31,  Apr 1,  Apr 2,  Apr 3,  Apr 14,  Apr 15,  Apr 16,  Apr 17

Apr 28,  Apr 29,  Apr 30,  May 5,  May 6,  May 7


DAYTIME PERFORMANCES (any time after 10:00):

Sep 19,  Sept 20,  Sept 24,  Sept 25,  Sept 26,  Oct 3,  Oct 8,  Oct 10,  Oct 11

 Jan 7,  Jan 8,  Jan 9,  Jan 10,  Jan 21,  Jan 22,  Jan 24,  Jan 29,  Jan 31,  Feb 4,  Feb 5

  Mar 4,  Mar 5,  Mar 6,  Mar 31,  Apr 1,  Apr 2,  Apr 3,  Apr 14, Apr 15, Apr 16, Apr 17

Apr 28,  Apr 29,  May 5,  May 6,  May 7,  May 8

MSO also host Library Tunes &


The Memphis Symphony Orchestra’s Library Tunes and Tales is a reading-enriched musical series for young children, ages 3-8. Free to the public at neighborhood libraries, each event is a storybook reading enhanced with live music. The series includes five performances based on five very special books for children.


As a language, music truly is the most universal – it provides a shared mode of expression that connects us to ourselves, our families, our friends and our community. Like music, literature is a rhythmic art, and for children, pairing the two creates an exciting learning experience. As documented by Memphis’ own Urban Child Institute, one of the most powerful ways parents can prepare children to succeed in school and in life is to introduce them to reading. Through Library Tunes and Tales, the MSO has a unique opportunity to meet the very real needs of all community children.


Hour-long events begin at 11:00 on Saturday mornings. Each concert is based on one children’s book, with musicians and a narrator telling the story through music. Children attending all concerts experience all of the instrument families in the orchestra – strings, brass, winds and percussion – and learn how composers use music to tell stories. After each performance, librarians and volunteers artistically engage the children with crafts or activities that respond to the music they have just heard.


MSO ensembles, representing the orchestra instrument families, present their concerts on a rotating basis at five community libraries: Benjamin Hooks (Central), Bartlett, Cordova, Germantown, Collierville and Whitehaven. By rotating the ensembles to each library, children can enjoy every performance in the series at a single, convenient location. 

Central Library – 3030 Poplar, 38111

Collierville – 501 Poplar View Pkwy, 38017

Cordova – 8457 Trinity Rd, 38018

Germantown – 1925 Exeter Rd, 38138


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