Mickell Lowery Continuing a Legacy of Public Service
Local & National News | March 07, 2022
It's hard to hear the name Lowery without thinking Myron, but his son has taken the torch and has no plans of slowing down on the Lowery Legacy!

Son of a History Maker . . .

This is how Myron Lowery is discribed by the History Makers website:

City Council Member and former Mayor pro tempore Myron Lowery was born in 1947, in Columbus, Ohio. He received his B.A. degree from LeMoyne-Owens College and his M.S. degree from New York University. While at New York University, he taught for three years in New York public school with the National Teachers’ Corp. At Dr. Hollis Price’s invitation, Lowery went to works as an anchor at WMC-TV in 1973, where he remained until 1983.

Lowery sued WMC-TV for racial discrimination in 1981, making a successful settlement that paved the way for many other employment discrimination suits by African Americans. He then went on to work as press secretary for Congressman Harold Ford Sr. and as manager of corporate relations at FedEx. In 1991, Lowery ran for Memphis City Council and won. Five years later, he was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention when President Bill Clinton won the Democratic primary. He also served as a superdelegate at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, at which Barack Obama won the Democratic primary. In his role on City Council, Lowery has initiated a successful gun buy-back program, the installation of red light cameras at busy intersections, and the reform of some of the City Council’s discussion processes.

In 2009, the mayor of Memphis, Willie Wilbur Herenton, resigned from his post as mayor, leaving Lowery as mayor pro tempore for the next ninety days. During that time, Lowery sought to promote transparency in city government, asking many officials from Herenton’s corrupt administration to resign.

Lowery is a member of the board of directors for the National League of Cities. He has been a member of the board of many civic organizations, including the Tennessee Municipal League, Leadership Memphis, The Memphis Zoo, and the Headstart Policies Council. He has also served as vice president of the National Association of Black Journalists, chairman of the Democratic Municipal Officials, and treasurer of the United Negros’ College Fund’s National Alumni Council. He holds an honorary degree from Southeastern College of Technology. Lowery has been honored as one of the Three Outstanding Young Men in the state of Tennessee and Ten Outstanding Young Men in America by the Tennessee Jaycees, and in 2003, he was inducted into the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame.

How do you live up to this Legacy?

Meet Mickell Lowery

Mickell Lowery is building on the Legacy of his Father. Just take a look at his bio:

Commissioner Lowery was elected to the County Commission on August 2, 2018, to represent the constituents of District 8 which includes areas of Downtown, Frayser, South Memphis, and Central Gardens.
Mickell, the son of former Memphis City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from LeMoyne-Owen College and a Master’s Degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas.
Commissioner Lowery is a strong supporter of our community, serving on numerous boards, including the Board of Trustees for LeMoyne-Owen College, Board Member for New Memphis, and Board of Directors for the Fire Museum of Memphis. He is the Past-President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association and has been a youth football coach for 13 years; in the Collierville Youth Association, Bartlett Youth Association, and Whitehaven Youth Association, despite not having a child or family member on any of his teams. Mickell has been a youth mentor for Charjean Elementary School and has helped to implement after-school tutoring programs at Georgian Hills Elementary, Sheffield Elementary, Treadwell Middle School, and Kingsbury High School with the A+ Learning Academy. He is the former President and Vice President of the National Alumni Association of LeMoyne-Owen College. Mickell Lowery the past Chairman of the Board of the Memphis Housing Authority and was elected to the Democratic State Executive Committee in Senate District 29 with more than 12,000 votes.
Many awards have been bestowed upon him. Among them are Memphis Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, and Ebony Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30. Additionally, Mickell has been recognized for his extensive community service and professional accomplishments by Diversity MBA Magazine and Memphis Crosswords Magazine. Commissioner Lowery is a graduate of Leadership Tennessee, Leadership Memphis Executive Class, New Memphis Fellow / Leadership Development Institute, and alumni of Nexus Leadership.
Commissioner Lowery has been employed with FedEx for over 20 years and has held positions in Global Product Marketing, IT Strategy management, and U.S. Sales. He currently serves as a Managing Director and is the recipient of the FedEx Five Star Award which is given each year to the top two percent of employees as well as the FedEx Sales Ambassadors Award, given to the top 10% of sales leaders in the corporation.
Mickell and his wife, Chonisa, have three daughters, Channise, Myla, and Milan.

Mickell Lowery Creating a Path of Service

We were there with Mickell the first time he ran for office. On election day his dad was in the hospital and had been there for a moment. So on the campaign trail, Mickell was on his own. As JustMy followed him from place to place, we saw people smiling and showing support as they shook his hand and then talk trash as he walked away. We were there for the Election Results Party on the bottom floor of the Hard Rock Cafe. It was not to be a good night for Mickell. But this wasn't a bad night for this rising star. It was this night that you really got to see who Mickell Lowery was about to become.

You see Mickell wasn't running for office just for status or for a position, he was running for office because he truly wants to serve our community. We got really personal with Mickell when getting ready for his interview. We asked how he wanted to be seen in different roles such as father, husband, and even how he wanted to be seen in the gym. Mickell is the same when he is tucking his girls into bed as he is when he is lifting weights, loving his wife, and making decisions for the community. He is a man of service. So when I see him and when I talk about him. I don't see a politician. I see a man whose father fought to be a role model for his son and everyone he impacted. Today Mickell is continuing that Legacy of Service by showing us all how to live a life of service to others.

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