5 Data Center Contaminants To Look Out For
Business 101 | September 18, 2021
Data centers are vital, and in order for them to run smoothly, they need daily maintenance. Here are some contaminants to check for and clean up.

Data systems are incredibly valuable. However, they can collect debris over time, resulting in the server and cooling systems not running correctly. In order to help improve the health of your data center, here's our list of five data center contaminants to look out for.

Concrete Dust

Sometimes, if you work on a raised floor made from cement, it isn’t always sealed. This type of floor can release dust particles that either travel into the air or get trapped beneath the floor. They’re primarily made from calcium and silica, are abrasive, and can get into air ducts or sensitive equipment. The best approach to tackle this problem is to install a sealable raised floor that’s easy to clean.

Electrostatic Dust

When you take a shirt from a dryer and put it on, you may notice a shock value to your clothing that causes you to slightly electrocute others and even causes your hair to stick up. Shock is often caused by not using suitable dryer sheets and not cleaning out the lint trap. Similarly, electrostatic dust in a data center forms from an accumulation of dust and lint from clothing, cardboard, and paper. When the particles collect into servers, they cause problems in commands, can create a loss in data, and many other issues. 

The best solution is to replace your floor to help control your electrostatic dust problem. The surface you choose should resist shock absorbed from shoes.

Corrosive Gases

A buildup of harmful gases isn't pleasant. Still, when the buildup consists of gases such as hydrogen sulfide and chlorine, it can lead to massive corrosion problems on a data center's wiring and other metal parts. Prevent corrosive gases by installing a sound air filtration system that rids the air of harmful chemical buildups.

Metal Particles

Metal can shed many particles when it’s dragged across a floor. Most of the time, metal particles release from worn parts in an HVAC system or new floor tiles. Since metal is a conductive property, it causes many electrical problems, such as circuit board damages and power outages. In order to prevent metal particles from entering your data center, all raised flooring needs to be sealed and cleaned each time metal is in the area.

It's essential to learn the best tips for cleaning a raised floor so you clean yours of these contaminants. Finding the best solutions helps, but knowing one of our five data center contaminants to look out for can help you improve the maintenance and recovery of your data center.


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