Different Ways To Improve Your Driving Skills
The Auto Show on JustMy! | September 03, 2021
To increase your safety and protect yourself while out on the roadways, you should learn and some different ways to improve your driving skills.

It’s always beneficial to improve one’s driving ability; it protects the driver and everyone around them. When you know a few different ways to improve your driving skills, you may decide to get in some extra practice behind the wheel or become better at maintaining your vehicle. Whatever the case may be, foster better driving habits by learning what you’re capable of and monitoring your car’s condition.

Give Yourself and Others More Room

Many drivers tend to follow too closely behind other vehicles without even realizing it; in the most dangerous scenarios, drivers may even intentionally tailgate those ahead of them. Driving too close to other cars puts yourself and others at risk by decreasing the amount of time a tailing car has to react to sudden stops. 

This reduced reaction time can result in far more severe damage and bodily injuries. Pay attention to how much room you leave between yourself and the car ahead of you. Ideally, you should remain two car lengths behind.

Increase Your Range of Visibility

Inexperienced drivers tend to hyper-focus on the road directly in front of them, neglecting to take in their surroundings. While it is essential to keep your eyes on the road, drivers must also monitor their immediate surroundings to predict possible hazards. Having tunnel vision only limits your ability to spot and react to oncoming danger. 

One way to increase this visibility is to play around with your side and rear-view mirrors. They let you see your blind spots, informing you whether it’s safe to change lanes or make a turn. Find a comfortable position that does not have you straining to see the obstacles around your vehicle. 

Equipment Malfunction

Aside from what drivers can do to improve their driving ability, some mechanical issues can affect how well an individual drives. One common culprit of reduced vehicle handling includes a worn-out drive shaft. 

Be aware of the symptoms of a failing drive shaft, as it can negatively impact your vehicle’s steering ability and handling. The harder it is to control your car, the more you must compensate, fostering bad habits that may carry over after you’ve repaired your vehicle. Other common malfunctions can originate from old tires, broken shock absorbers, and an eroded braking system.

Have Someone Else Monitor Your Driving

It can be difficult for people to recognize their own bad driving habits, but others may not have that problem as an outside observer. Drive with friends or family, and ask them where you can improve and what patterns you need to drop. A third party can shine a light on practices you may not realize you do, allowing you to correct any unsafe behaviors.


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