What Can Go Wrong With a Two-Way Radio?
Business 101 | June 18, 2021
Before your team decides to use a new device, it’s important to know what can go wrong with it. These common issues can afflict your two-way radios at any time.

Two-way radios are necessary for many different industries and operations. Industries and businesses such as construction sites, first responders, hospitals, and schools rely on two-way radios to keep their staff members connected. Since they're so critical to keeping your team connected, you need to know what to do when things go wrong. That way, you can mitigate the issue and get back to normal. To help you out, we're breaking down what can go wrong with a two-way radio.

The Radio Makes a Beeping Sound

If your radio starts beeping, it's likely trying to alert you about an issue—often a problem with the battery life. To get your radios to stop beeping, try charging the batteries. If that doesn't work, it means that your batteries are about to fail, and you must replace them. If you neglect to take care of the batteries, the beeping sound will continue until your two-way radios shut off because they no longer have power. 

The Radio Is in Transmit Mode

The other reason your two-way radio may be making a beeping sound is because it's in transmit mode. There are three ways to mitigate this issue:

Sometimes you may find your radio is set to an unprogrammed channel. As a result, you won't be able to communicate with any of your team members. Pay close attention to the shared channel that your team is using during your shift.

Your Team Has a Hard Time Hearing You

Are your teammates complaining that they can't hear you? Do they not respond at all when you speak on the radio? Then the problem may lie with your antenna. It could be damaged or completely broken. Check your antenna for any kinks or scuffs. If you find damage, replace the antenna. Luckily, new antennas are relatively cheap and easy to find.

Poor Audio Quality

Conversely, you might have trouble hearing your team when they speak to you. Your two-way radio has a speaker grill. It's designed to protect the internal microphone from dust and dirt. The only problem is that it can accumulate a buildup of dust over time. The debris inside the grill will make it very hard to hear and use. If you're having a hard time hearing your team, then it's time to clean the speaker grill. Your best bet is to have a professional clean it for you. Regular speaker cleanings are a crucial part of maintaining your two-way radios.

If the problem persists, a simple way to maneuver around it is to connect a headset or earpiece when working with a two-way radio—especially if you work around heavy machinery. While connecting a headset will remove the need to touch a dirty speaker, it may retain audio quality issues if there’s an internal problem that requires repairs. The most important part of troubleshooting what can go wrong with a two-way radio is testing different solutions. Trying a headset will help you know whether to worry or not.


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