Everyday Products and Where They Come From
June 02, 2021
Do you stop to think about where the products you use daily come from? Discover the origins of various everyday items that you might not have known.

We interact with so many objects every day that we probably don’t even think about how they’re made. Some of these very basic items have surprising origins that you may not have pictured. Read on for insight into everyday products and where they come from—you might learn something new!

Products from Wood and Trees

Everyone understands that paper products come from trees, but you might not realize that plenty of other products come from trees, too. Chewing gum is probably one of the most surprising, originating from the juice of a tree native to Central America. Rubber is also one of the lesser-known products that originates from trees. It quite literally comes from a “rubber tree” found in the Amazon rainforests. Wine corks, sponges, and car wax are a few more surprising examples of products that come from trees.

Products from Metals

You might think of metal fabrication as the practice of producing car parts, building materials, and plumbing pipes, but it goes so much deeper than that. Cutlery, soda cans, tools, and even jewelry are all products of different types of metal fabrication practices. Even in your garage alone, you can find several quality control tools that you probably use daily for projects around the house. All of these items are products of delicate metalworking and fabrication processes. Some people even pick up metalworking as a hobby to learn how to create these items themselves.

Animal Byproducts

We use animals as more than just sources of meat and food. Some clothes are made from animal hides or spun from sheep or alpaca wool. The next time you’re shopping for beauty products, notice how many contain collagen or hyaluronic acid, which are ingredients that come from animals as well. Even jelly candies and medicine capsules are gelatin-based; gelatin is made from animal collagen. This goes to show you can thank animals for more than just the meat and various food products they provide.

Knowing about everyday products and where they come from might seem like random trivia, but it helps us appreciate the everyday items we use. Without tree and animal farmers and metalworkers, we might not have access to the above items. The next time you chew a stick of gum or sip on a can of soda, you might stop and appreciate it a bit more.



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