Jobs That Don't Require Years of Training
June 02, 2021
Do you want a job that doesn’t require a college degree? Why not start your own business or work in the trades? Get the right career for you!

Finding the right job is easier said than done. Some fields call for years of school, and that isn't doable or affordable to everyone. Luckily, there are many fun jobs that don't require years of training. Whether you're a people person or want a career behind the scenes, there's something for you!

Real Estate Agent

Do you have a knack for sales and love meeting new people? Real estate may be the ideal path for you! You don't need a degree, and if you have the skills, you'll earn a lot on commission. Keep in mind that the housing market and location impact your success rates. You may have to move to secure an ideal market.

Small Business Owner

Put your great ideas to the test and open shop. As an entrepreneur, you serve as your boss. Begin by evaluating your interests and skills, then settle on what career path would be best. You may also want to start scoping out an ideal target market.

If you're creative and love fashion, you could open a nail salon. Creativity is one of many vital skills for a great nail technician. However, if you open your own business, remember it takes a lot of work and perseverance—this career isn't for everyone.  

Web Developer

Some prefer to work behind the scenes, or in this case, screen. Certain tech-savvy careers such as web development don't always require a degree. Your skills could be self-taught. But you may want to take a course or two on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure a full understanding of coding.

The Trades

Other great jobs that don't require years of training are those in the trades. This includes jobs such as a(n):

The trades are a great option for anyone looking for a hands-on career in a field they're interested in. Remember, many jobs in the trades require completing an apprenticeship program, and depending on the career, the completion time of an apprenticeship can vary. 

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Ultrasound technicians do more than look at babies in the bellies of expectant moms. They work in different medical centers. You can do this job after completing a one-year program and by having an associate degree.



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