Utopia Brands supplier of Utopia Plastix

The Plant-Based Alternative

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Utopia Brands supplier of Utopia Plastix
Something Good: Local Entrepreneur Helping Environment, Farmers Sharina Perry never had any seeds of doubt when it came to starting her own plant-based company. News 9's Brian Mueller has the story.

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Utopia Brands supplier of Utopia Plastix
OKC’s Sharina Perry invents a sustainable future with Utopia Plastix – Jim Stafford's BlogOKC Sharina Perry (left) showcases bags made out of Utopia Plastix’s plant-based alternative plastic material that she invented. Editor’s note: Along with my colleagues from the Oklahoma Center f…

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Utopia Brands supplier of Utopia Plastix
OCAST interview with Utopia Plastix on Vimeo This is "OCAST interview with Utopia Plastix" by OCAST on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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Utopia Brands supplier of Utopia Plastix
Innovate That Podcast - Utopia Plastix | Free Listening on Podbean App In this episode, Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell interviews Sharina Perry, creator of Utopia Plastix. Utopia has created a way to use plants in the manufacturing of plastics. This method helps the plastics to become more eco-friendly and has the potential to change how plastic is created. Learn about Sharina's mission and how it helps guide her through the trials of being an entrepreneur. 

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Utopia Brands supplier of Utopia Plastix
Power List: Innovative Women 2022 | The Journal Record The 33 Oklahoma women featured in this publication bring novelty and creativity to the ways they work across a variety of industries and job settings in our state.

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Utopia Brands supplier of Utopia Plastix
Plastic made with plants: This Oklahoma inventor is already working with a recipe to change the world | KFOR.com Oklahoma City She tells us with a smile, “What I can tell you is what my patent attorneys told me. They said ‘you put the big boys to shame with this one.'”


What is Utopia Plastix™?

We are a woman minority owned business based in the USA. We are confident our patented proprietary technology will align nicely with advancing your initiatives and goals. Please allow us to share with you the “why, what and how” of Utopia Plastix.

What is Utopia’s patented, proprietary technology?

We have developed a plant-based replacement for petroleum-based plastics. Through our research and development, we patented a process that allows our resin to replace ANYTHING made of plastic. We used plant matter in blown film processing, extrusion with a thin wall, and injection mold. With manufacturers across the country, we have now produced samples of finished goods including straws, bags, spoons, forks, and knives, film, and a variety of containers.

Why was Utopia created?

Utopia is a team of dynamic professionals from diverse backgrounds working together to do good in the world. When the issue of sustainability arose, and companies began removing single-use plastics, we asked ourselves many questions including:

  • How do we solve this problem without creating another problem?
  • How do we make a global impact?
  • How do we keep employees of manufacturers in jobs?
  • How do we avoid having manufacturers spend large amounts of money modifying their equipment?
  • How do we slow global warming?
  • How do we save marine life?
  • How do we save the trees?
  • How do we make consumers conscious, but not totally change consumer habits?
  • How do we use our most valuable resource – land?
  • How can we help the economy in local communities?
  • How do we build our vision of a Utopia Model?

That is a lot to tackle, but we did it through intentional execution. Our model includes farming, processing, manufacturing, and distribution! We work together to keep our economy moving from seed to sell.

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