Chelsea Subick

Prelude Strings Conductor

Memphis Youth Symphony Program

The Memphis Youth Symphony Program celebrates musical development in a fun, inclusive, and collaborative community.

My Story

Chelsea Subick grew up in Memphis and is an alumnus of Memphis City Schools. She earned her Bachelors in Music Education, magna cum laude, from the University of Memphis in May 2012. Ms. Subick has had the privilege of leading professional development sessions within Shelby County Schools and with the West Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association. She has coached chamber ensembles at the University of Memphis Summer Music Camp and the PRIZM International Music Festival. Ms. Subick has taught orchestra classes in Memphis City/Shelby County Schools for seven years and currently teaches at Cordova Middle School and Cordova High School. She lives in east Memphis with her husband, Joseph, and their pets, Bo and Clara.



The Memphis Youth Symphony Program (MYSP) was formed by Maestro Vincent de Frank in 1966 under the umbrella of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. In March 2006, MYSP legally separated from the Memphis Symphony and reorganized as a separate and distinct nonprofit organization. MYSP provides and augments education in classical music for talented young musicians of the Mid-South, including ensemble participation, rehearsal, and performance. The program engages about 200 children annually, ages 7-19 years, from the tri-state area. All students (public, private, rural, faith-based, and home schooled) are invited to audition. The result is a diverse mix of students that reflects the community's culture and complexion.


The Memphis Youth Symphony Program celebrates musical development in a fun, inclusive, and collaborative community.


MYSP is recognized as one of the most inclusive year-round creative youth development programs in the Mid-South. MYSP instills life-long values of discipline, teamwork, creative problem solving, and musical appreciation in students from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.


The Memphis Youth Symphony Program is committed to creating an organization that values diversity, equity, and inclusion by: 

  • Offering financial aid to any family with need. Cost should never be a barrier for those with talent and desire.

  • Recruiting from all Mid-South communities.

  • Embracing a variety of musical levels.