Leave a lasting impression, not a paper trail. myCARD, the innovative digital business card from JustMy, is all about making connections more efficient, exciting, and environmentally friendly. It's free, app-free, and ready to reimagine your networking experience!

Broadcast Your Brand, Everywhere:

Imagine a digital business card that not only carries your contact details but also your story. With myCARD, your content gets shared on our bustling local digital newsSTANDS like JustMyMemphis, JustMyAtlanta, and JustMyOKC, taking your brand visibility to another level. Connect, engage, and build relationships within your local community and beyond, effortlessly.

A Card That Knows No Boundaries:

Share your myCARD wherever you are, with whomever you meet, even without an app. It's your all-access pass to never miss a networking opportunity again. And the best part? We've made it COVID-safe, secure, and a super fun conversation starter!

More than just a digital business card, myCARD is your personalized, interactive portfolio that never fails to impress. With our pro version, customize it further, create team cards, capture leads, and more. Your myCARD, your style, your rules.

Why choose JustMy to list your business? myCARD is just one of the Perks!

  • Stay Organized, Stay Memorable: Every interaction, every meeting, every connection is valuable. That's why we've made it super easy for you to record key details and add notes to your myCARD. Never forget a face, a name, or a business opportunity.
  • Unleash Your Potential with myCARD Pro: Need more out of your digital business card? Upgrade to myCARD Pro for enhanced customization, team cards, lead capture, and so much more. Dominate your market, control your brand experience, and effortlessly grow your network.

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