myCARD for Realtors
Local & National News | August 19, 2020
Can your business card show your home listings, share updates on homes, and help you close more deals faster? JustMy is teaming up with Realtors to make all of this happen and more with the Beta TeamUp on a special edition of myCARD just for Realtors!

What is myCARD for Realtors?

In the digital era, digital business cards are an essential tool for sharing all of your contact details in one convenient view. Digital business cards are easy to share and perfect to consolidate all of your accounts and contact details in a single view.  JustMy has taken the Business Card to the next level with the ability to include not just all your contact information, but also all your online content as well.  Now your events, press, announcements, menus, portfolios, and more are all shared when you share your Digital Business Card! So what is myCARD?

myCARD: The let's #BeAmazing Digital Business Card that can do everything!

The #FunCrew of JustMy decided to test out a special Beta version of myCARDS just for Realtors.  The goal is to put the cards into the hands of realtors and find out what a card that can do everything can really do for the Real Estate industry.  Can a business card show homes, get more listings, give tours, promote open houses?  We think it can do all of these things and more, so we are inviting local real estate agents to team up with us in creating the best tool ever for the industry.  You know, the best thing since sliced bread!

Why Sign-Up for a Beta Version?

Joining us now makes you part of the development team and there are a lot of perks for that.  Here are just a few:

  • Go Pro with us an get new tools added to your service at no extra charge
  • Lock in your price for 24 months of service
  • Get options like video support, advertising support, and social media promotion all at no extra charge

What are the Benefits of myCARD?

  • Share your card with anyone by phone, text, email, or QR Code
  • Completely Branded cards with all of your contact info including online content related to you from your site and other sites
  • Interactive Banner Ad
  • Brand Video on your Digital Business Card
  • Instantly update your card and it updates for everyone you have ever given the card to
  • QR Code Marketing Material ready to download and use at anytime!

myCARD can help Your Entire Team!

Because of Covid-19, the #FunCrew of #JustMy is looking for ways to help over 100,000 business owners and nonprofit organizations around the country.  So we decided why not help the entire Real Estate industry?  So we have made myCARD one crazy stupid low price and it is for all the agents working in an office.  

Ok wait, we have to be honest here.  We love realtors, but we aren't completely doing this out of the goodness of our hearts.  We have heard a lot of agents talk trash about Zillow fees and counterproductive strategies lately.  So we thought, why not replace Zillow as one of the best tools for local agents to use.  So we want to help as many agents as we can and this way, together we can build something super amazing!

Why do we want Your Input?

Input is valuable to us!  We aren't out there selling homes so what would we know about your pain?  We want myCARD for Realtors to be truly the best marketing tool you have and there is no better way to find out what that looks like than by getting input from the people that are out there selling and listing homes every day!  So yes, we want to hear from you.  Together we can do anything!

The #FunCrew Bonus for the 1st 100 Realtor Offices!

Oh, now we get down to the Nitty Griddy!  Let's make a deal.  Who are we kidding, we aren't hardcore negotiators, we are web guys.  So we give away everything.  You know it, tech startups like #JustMy just give, give, and give.  Don't cry for us, when we start hanging out with the Mark Zuckerburg's of the world, people will be like, wait how did they do that?  Anyway, here are some special deals for the first 100 Realtor Offices that sign-up.

  • $15/monthly for your entire office!  Yes, we said the entire office.  Get myCARDS for up to 50 team members
  • No extra charges for new Realtor Tools as they are introduced
  • Order the #FunCrew Bonus Pack for only $200 and get these perks:
    • Branded myCARD Set-Up for your entire team
    • Banner Advertising on your Local JustMy for an entire year
    • Branded Video Set-Up for your cards
    • Custom Tabs on myCARDS to help you get more listings and referrals

Let's #BeAmazing Together

Team up with JustMy to help 100,000 businesses and non-profits get back on their feet after the impact of Covid-19 and the resulting recession.

The Campaign to Help
Our Goal, Help 100,000 Businesses & Non Profits
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