Blane Howard: To all the music lovers out there!

March 25, 2020

Blane Howard: To all the music lovers out there!
March 25, 2020
We all need to stay at home! So the #FunCrew of JustMy.Com is proud to team up with Blane Howard to co-host this Live Music Event on Facebook.

A message from Blane

The effects of Covid-19, social distancing, and quarantine have not left anyone untouched in some manner. From those deep in the mess, like the healthcare workers, grocery store employees, truck drivers, etc.; to those at home who are now unemployed, and those trying to homeschool their children, we are all in this together.  I pray that everyone tries to remain calm and find ways to help each other in times of crisis. Stay at home if you can, check on neighbors, look for ways to help even if it is just an encouraging word to others, and of course wash your hands frequently. Lets’s be as positive and uplifting as we can to others.

I know there are many choices now on social media in regards to live streaming concerts, from major label artists to those independent artists, like myself, who have no label backing.  All are great ways to decompress, forget your cares for just a period of time, and put a smile on your face. So if you’d like, come join me Wednesday evening, March 25th, at 7 PM Central for a #HowardHouseConcert!  Lighten your load and enjoy some live music.

Yours Truly, Blane Howard!

Click for the FaceBook Event and Invite all your Friends and Family to Join Us!

“Promise To Love Her”

"Mind you, there is plenty of “new” here to like, as well. In fact, there is so much talent among today’s first timers that the DisCovery Award is split three ways. The male winner is a fellow named Blane Howard, who has an instant wedding classic for your listening pleasure. Blane moved to Nashville from Arkansas to attend Belmont, and now it sounds like he’s on his way. – It’s a power ballad sung by a resonant baritone who’s pledging true romance. A ready¬made wedding anthem. What’s not to love?"

Hot off the Press: Independent Artist BLANE HOWARD sees his single “Promise To Love Her” surge to over 50 MILLION Streams -Plans FB LIVE for March 25th

Country singer/songwriter Blane Howard’s single “Promise To Love Her” will certainly pull at your heartstrings, and has been finding a huge appeal with anyone and everyone thinking about getting engaged or married, or anyone in love. Howard wrote the song as a wedding gift for his bride-to-be back in 2016. A rough phone video of the couple dancing to the song went viral after being posted on social media, and messages poured in from people asking where they could get the song. The single was written by Howard and Jordan Kyle Reynolds, (co-writer on Tequila with Dan and Shay), and produced by Brad Hill (Grammy-nominate for Maren Morris’ album, Hero.) The track was so personal, Howard was reluctant to release it; however, the massive amount of messages and comments being received confirmed that he needed to record and release the song. Since that time, Howard has performed the song at many private wedding events, from California to New York and lots of spots in between; of course he has also performed the song at fairs and festivals, and live music venues as well.

In addition, Howard has also run a contest the last three years allowing couples to submit to WIN a live performance of the song at their wedding! Unlike major label artists, Howard is an independent artist, which means he has no backing from a label or a publishing company. His small team works hard to get performances booked and get his music out for fans to hear; that also means that Howard has to come up with the funding to record and produce the songs, as well as distribution, marketing, advertising, and travel expenses. “It’s been really hard,” says Howard, “but with the help of family and friends, we’ve managed to keep things moving forward; I feel really lucky and blessed for that. If you find the opportunity, and the means, please get behind your independent artists who are trying to make it in the business. It’s great if you can purchase a song from an independent, or stream their music, but for no cost, you can FOLLOW them on social media, SHARE their posts, and like and comment. That’s not hard and it does help keep them in the threads.”

With the coronavirus wreaking havoc on artists, both label and independent, many are trying to keep fans entertained and bring a little fun by performing LIVE concerts on social media. Howard has plans to go live on Face Book on Wednesday, March 25th. Howard grew up in south-central Arkansas.  He was destined to be a country performer from the time he was three years old, playing his blue-and-green plastic guitar while singing along to Alan Jackson’s “Chasin’ that Neon Rainbow.”  Chasing his dreams, Howard moved to Nashville and graduated from Belmont University. You can find more on Blane Howard at

"CLEAR" by Blane Howard - Live from Magic Springs

Join us for the Facebook Live Concert Event and Enjoy an evening with one of Country Music's Fastest Growing Independent Artist! #JustMy #ThePlacetoShare


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