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Real Love in a Microwave Society-
Real Love in a Microwave Society
by Jennifer J. Hayes

Love Big Live Big | September 19, 2019

Looking for love, or even a meaningful connection, in an instant-gratification society require consistency and dedication because *instant-ness* surrounds us. We can have just about everything at the push of a button, but love and relationships require mu
by Jennifer J. Hayes

Given the state of our *microwave* and *inauthentic* society, how can someone who has had a bad marriage and bad relationships date with the simple intent to sincerely get to know a person? Is there a hidden society of adults who actually engage in meaningful conversations and interactions?

Sincerely, Ms. Skeptical

Dear Ms. Skeptical,

Finding an authentic relationship in a world operating on so many false pretensions, especially after failed attempts, can be challenging. But if you are brave enough to pull some of that plastic off, you will find a strong degree of realness out there. Plenty of true, authentic people are also looking for a lasting relationship. My first bit of advice to you is don’t compare your past relationships with those that have yet to bloom. Those storms are preparing you for the sunshine yet to come. If the dating avenues you are using are not providing you with the results you are looking for, maybe it’s time to shift gears and go a different route. There are so many options when it comes to dating. From matchmakers and online websites to apps and meetup groups, you just have to find the medium that works for you. Lastly, the outcome of your results often comes down to self believe. You attract what you put out, and if your belief system is that there are no authentic people wanting what you want, that may be the reason why you are without meaningful relationships. Your internal dialogue speaks louder than you know, so speak into existence what you want to see and believe wholeheartedly that that person will come into your life.



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#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are
#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are
#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are