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Let Go and Let Love In-

Love Big Live Big | September 17, 2019

The hardest thing about a relationship ending is that in many cases, it is not a mutual decision. For reasons unknown, a relationship that was once flourishing loses its appeal to your significant other. You are at a loss for words, your feelings are hurt
by Jennifer J. Hayes
The 411 | Hire Me

I am a 43 year old who most people would consider to be a hell of a catch, but I have been in three consecutive relationships with women who use me or cheat on me. I am worried about getting hurt again and the fear keeps me from moving forward. The bad relationships are taking their toll, and I am starting to think I need to be on my own What advice do you have to help me get past this fear?

Signed, Feelinglikeafool

Dear Feelinglikeafool,

First of all, you are not a fool, so don't beat yourself up. Every relationship—difficult as it may have been—was a learning experience. While it's important to move forward, you need to take things one step at a time. Before you get into another relationship, reassess your goals and the type of women you’re choosing. What did you learn about yourself from past experiences? How are your choices adapting so you don’t repeat behavior and end up with the same results? Remember that no one is without flaws, but for the sake of being taken advantage of, avoid putting so much into a relationship that you'll be emotionally bankrupt if things go south.


Jennifer J. Hayes

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The Video Reel

Video features from local videographers, kids with cameras, and maybe even from you!

#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are
#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are
#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are