To Date or Not to Date
Local & National News | April 01, 2020
Dating during the holidays for many can seem frustrating, especially when you are confronted with a host of awkward questions. Should we exchange gifts? What about office Christmas parties? Do we kiss at a New Year’s celebrations?

Dear Jennifer,
I have been single for two years but recently joined a dating site because I wasn’t having luck meeting someone on my own. I am currently talking to a guy and he invited me to his Christmas Party.  I’m hesitant to give him an answer because I feel like it would be an awkward first date; but I don’t want turning him down to run him off. I need help on how to handle this. What if we don’t hit it off at the office party, and do I buy him a gift? Maybe I should just deactivate my account until after the holidays. What do you think?



Dear Holidaydater,

Being single during the holidays takes some mental toughness so, congratulations on taking the first step towards finding love.  First things first, don’t deactivate your account. Dating sites as well as us matchmakers see a huge peak in services right after Christmas, and this usually runs all the way through Valentine’s Day. While it may not seem like it, the holiday season offers great opportunities to find love!  Now, going to your potential love’s Christmas party might seem a little intimidating, but they can be pretty fun first dates. Holiday parties don’t take much personal planning so that’s one less thing for you to worry about, plus, they’re made for mingling and interactive activities.  You’ll be surrounded by plenty of other people; and if things don’t work out with your date, you can leave early without feeling bad. Therefore, I suggest driving separate cars and meeting him at the event. You should also plan to have a coffee or lunch date prior to the Christmas party, to test the chemistry between the two of you. As far as gifts, it’s always a nice gesture during Christmas, but not necessary. I don’t think he will be expecting one since this would be your first date. However, if you do decide to give him a gift, I would suggest something cute like chocolate or his favorite cookies. Nothing big or too expensive.  Don’t miss out on the potential magic of the holidays because you’re uncertain. Have fun and enjoy this experience.


Jennifer J. Hayes

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