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Meet the Founders

JustMy is a Hub where LOCALS come together to discover and create. Where people, places, events, and ideas go to #Beamazing. We use the power of the community to promote and support growth for LOCAL Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations. The Hub features LOCAL content with articles, videos, and images created by the LOCALS. JustMy is wrapping up the finishing touches on it's newest feature called the TOOLBox. Our goal has been to help the general public, the business community, and the non-profit sector to grow and thrive by promoting an atmosphere of reaching for greatness. The TOOLBox with serve as the heart of our goal and a place where LOCALS can find tools that help them to create a better world for themselves and the communities they touch. JustMy was started as a Digital Magazine serving the Memphis area, today JustMy is working on an expansion into 50 new markets by the end of 2019. Oh yes, and do you remember those stories of internet companies staring out of a garage? We are one of those companies. We are still working out of an apartment and Co-Work Spaces.

JR Robinson, The Founder

Around 2001, a much younger Jerome Robinson found himself struggling with keeping focus. After the death of his mom, he found himself in what seemed like a never-ending cloud of darkness. He discovered that he had severe ADHD, Depression, and a Marriage that was quickly headed for divorce. Somehow he didn't see the writing on the wall.

But Jerome was never a guy that thought there were limits on what he could do for others. He always wanted to give to others even when he had nothing to give. JustMy was founded for the purpose of helping others find their greatness despite the odds that life threw their way.

17 years later JustMy was still very much a hobby despite the fact that it was helping local non-profits to raise 1000's every year.

In comes Duy Nguyen, a 2nd-year dental student. Duy started as a part-timer helping on websites and in less than 2 years he became the President of the Company. Duy had it in his mind that he wanted to change the world. He wanted to make it a better place and that was his mission. He decided JustMy was the way to do it and he dropped out of school. Much to the dismay of everyone around him. He's crazy enough to think he can leave the world in a net positive with his time here.

Duy Nguyen, The Prez

So Jerome who is the old man in the company and Duy who is the young fun loving guy that ladies fall in love with. Well, somehow these two became partners with a goal of changing the world.

JustMy took a focus on creating tools that would help empower and celebrate the greatness of LOCAL communities. So here we are, 2019 and the company is dead set showcasing the #BeAmazing that exists in every person, business, and cause!

JustMy is working to create a company culture that encourages our teams, our employees, and our clients to reach for higher goals in life, in health, and in community giveback. Our employees and independent contractors are given opportunities to attend events, share their work, and take time off to volunteer or learn new skills.

All of us at JustMy are committed to inclusion and diversity, we’re building an equitable and empathetic work environment, a listening and learning culture, and an attitude of reaching and finding greatness in others.

JustMy created #TeamGIVING to support and promote the people and organizations in the cities we serve that help make a better, happier, and more inspiring world for others.

We help tackle issues like Cancer in our support of the American Cancer Society, premature births in our work with the March of Dimes, intergenerational poverty by partnering with local non-profits that are dedicated to supporting adult learners, and we are proud to work with local organizations that are focused on supporting the needs of local youth. We help strengthen local arts organizations, senior services, and music programs with our #TeamGIVING club for non-profits. We advocate for single-parent families and second chance programs around the country. Our goal is to have a role in helping communities create and become the changes they want to see!

Well, there you have it! Way more than you wanted to know about us. At JustMy we are very thankful for the struggles we have been through and the struggles ahead of us. We didn't take the path of finding big money investors, we had this idea of doing the right thing for others because we had the gift of motivation to always look for greatness. We cried with some of you, we did 5k's with some of you, we hosted events for others. Each person we come in contact with has given us a spark to keep going and to keep helping others. This is what JustMy is about. Let's #BeAmazing together