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Let's #BeAmazing Together: No one gets turned away

As business owners and non-profits, now more than ever you need to be communicating.  Keeping your brand awareness up at a time when everyone is stuck at home is a great thing.  But this is a time of showing who you are as an organization.  A time to create content that promotes your mission while giving the community hope that all is not lost.  But how do you do that when your resources are now more limited than they have ever been before?  Well JustMy is here to help with that.  We are giving every business owner, school, non-profit, and hospital support now.  We will continue providing services for 4 months after businesses and restaurants are allowed to re-open.  The best part of this is we are turning no legitmate business or non-profit organization away.  Even if you can't pay.  Those that can pay, pay what you can and your support will be used to help your business as well as others in the community who have nothing to pay!

What We are Adding to it!

Digital Business Cards powered by MyProfile
Lead Capture
Appointment Scheduling
Connect a Domain Name
Google Analytics
Testimonials and Reviews
Group Management