JustMy National Partners is a True Win/Win

Nationwide Reach & Community Support

JustMy National Partner Advertising is a Win/Win

JustMy was wrapping up development of our Nationwide NewsStand when the Coronavirus hit and shut the world down. We quickly realized that this was a trigger point for a recession and it has to be the worst time in modern history to launch a new tech platform. Then we stopped and decided to look at things through a different lens. JustMy was created to help local communities thrive, and right now the entire country needs help. So we have decided to use JustMy to help local business owners and non profits get back on their feet!

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The NewsStand is a Place to Share Your Content, Promote Your Brand, and Help Communities.

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National Sponsorship Package to include

  • Weekly Wake Up with JustMy Video Sponsorship

  • Rotating Banner on National Related Channel with Call to Actions

  • Rotating Banner on National Home with Call to Actions

  • Content Channel & Social Sharing

  • National Premium Profile Set-Up on JustMy

  • Monthly Cost of only 700.00

  • There is a limited number of Packages at this Rate

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A Different Model

JustMy is focused on using our Platform to help business owners and non profits get back on their feet. So we have thrown the idea of profits out the window by providing Advertising, Content, Video, and Social Support to local organizations who have been impacted by Covid-19. To help us make this happen, we invited a small number of national organizations to team up with us to make this happen. Your support is getting you nationwide coverage while helping us to cover the cost of serving up to 100,000 businesses, schools, and non profits. We know that this is not how a Normal Tech Company would launch, but these aren't normal times. Let's #BeAmazing Together.

Get SEEN Nationally, Have Impact Locally