Justin Bowen

eCommerce Manager

The Great American Home Store

Beautiful homes for all generations.

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My Story

I'm a passionate individual driven to help businesses and colleagues achieve goals and grow by constantly learning. I am a highly teachable individual with internal initiative for self-teaching, problem solving and integrating solutions. The majority of my professional knowledge is self-taught or learned by experience.

My areas of experience include digital marketing, advertising, content management, project management, social media strategy and advertising, branding, reputation management, marketing & CRM solutions, video production, photography, graphic design for web and print, email marketing, data entry, system testing, customer service, retail sales, issue tracking, business QA, and reporting and analytics.

I am strong believer in teamwork and team-building, as well as having plenty of constructive communication in the workplace. I enjoy working in Agile environments like Kanban but have also worked on traditional Waterfall projects. I love opportunities to help others develop and improve their skills as well as taking advantage of opportunities to expand my own knowledge and abilities. And although I believe teamwork is crucial, I also greatly enjoy working autonomously. I strongly believe in ethical work and work ethic. I love exploring possibilities and discovering new solutions to help achieve company and personal goals.

I graduated from University of Memphis in 2011 with a B.A. in Communications/Film and Video Production. My wife and I also run a small network of Japanese Tutoring Classes in the Spring and Fall semesters for Japanese Language and Cultural Education for students and adults.


Who Are We

The Great American Home Store (GAHS) is your one-stop shop to find ALL the furniture and decorations your home needs: living room, bedroom, dining room, entertainment, and home office.

128,000 square feet of product is on our floors and 155,000 square feet of product is in our warehouse. Put simply, we have the largest selection of in-stock home furnishings in the Midsouth area, with the ability to send you home with your purchase that day.

GAHS is a family-owned local home furnishings store, so we treat our community like family as well.

We Believe In

GIVING you a great deal every single day without having to unreasonably mark up prices. When we offer discounts, they're REAL discounts.

PROVIDING our employees with an environment that is supportive of the opportunity for them to achieve their personal goals.

SHARING our success with others by regularly sponsoring and donating to our home-town organizations making a difference in the community.

Why We do It

Every purchase you make helps us to help others.

The Mid-South and Memphis Area is our community, and we believe there is always a reason and a way to do great things for others.

We exist to use our services to enrich our community.

What We Do

The GAHS buying team is constantly searching across the globe for the next hot style in home fashion products. We go to several markets a year comparison-shopping to ensure you'll be able to find everything from formal living to casual comfort at the lowest prices.

Since The Great American Home Store is backed by the manufacturer, we can promise that we bring you all of your furniture needs at prices that are far below our competitors.

At the Great American Home Store, we also understand the importance of offering a vast array of options for any budget.

We offer many flexible financing options with approved credit so that you as a member of our community can find the perfect furnishings to reflect your unique style.