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Welcome to JustMy for Younique Reps!

Thank you for Teaming Up with the #FunCrew of #JustMy.

Our goal is to help your business thrive and help your community! Take the next 5 minutes to complete the 3 steps to accelerate your business using #DigitalTOOLS! Let's Get It!

Step 1: Add Your Email Signature

It takes less than a minute to set up your email signature.  Now every email you send will have your products, your sales items, videos and more!  Click here to set-up your Email Signature.

Step 2: Your Phone is Your Card

Get the most out of myCARD by having it always at the ready. Add myCARD to your home screen!

Step 3: Get Social with Deals, Trends, and You!


Share your myCARD

Your new myProfile and myCARD are ready. You can instantly share it on Facebook.  Yes, the #FunCrew is working to help you make more sales!  Learn more about the Digital Blast and building your audience in a few days.  Keep watch for an email from #JustMy!

Check out the Perks of Pro!

The #FunCrew of #JustMy is on a mission to help business owners, nonprofits, and communities thrive again with the help of our #DigitalTOOLS.  So we have discounted our Pro-Package for Younique Reps to $1.50 per month or $12.00 for the year.  We aren't done yet, we promise to help you increase sales this year and help your community thrive.  You are part of our Beta Launch, so let us know how we can better serve you.  Check the side menu when viewing from desktop to upgrade to a PRO membership for added perks.

Also, if there is something positive going on in your community and you want to bring awareness to it, let us know.  We do our best to provide you with $500.00 in media support to help promote local community causes and events!  This is a gift from our CEO, JR Robinson and the #FunCrew of #JustMy!

Email for help promoting local causes and events, let's #BeAmazing together!

Yours Truly

JR Robinson