BLU Studio

BLU Studio is a new recording/photography studio located in the heart of the wolfchase area. We’d love to work on your music or photos.

"I am determined to reach my goals, have a career, and live my best life, Dukes says. In the end winning is a choice we all get to make. I am thankful for St. Jude, their staff, and the great care they have provided for me over the years. Without St. Jude life would have been a lot different, because I wouldn’t have got the care that I did and I wouldn’t be as educated as I am on Sickle Cell disease. I’m also thankful for having a strong support system in my loving family, because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. My advice to anyone who has felt or feels defeated by life is to always remain positive, never give up, and continue to dream."