Megan Marie Art and Animation

Video Production Animation

I am an animator, digital artist, and video production specialist from Maryland. I have a lot of experience using Adobe After Effects, Premier, Audition, and Photoshop. Check out my work here: 

Megan Marie Art and Animation

Enthusiast Gaming, Toronto, Canada — Animator
Created the typography for the names and titles of game developers that were featured in the documentary, “The Story of Kingdom Come Deliverance.”
Created the opening animation for their show, "2-Minute Review."
Designed a T-shirt for their youtube channel, "Gameumentary."

SRK Video, Baltimore, MD — Wedding Videographer
Filmed a wedding with a team of talented videographers.

Groundwire Records, Sykesville, MD — Illustrator
Illustrating a children’s novel.

LeftStronger, Baltimore, MD — Animator
Creating an animated music video for the band’s single, “One Hot Rocker.”

Premier Chiropractic, Bel Air, MD - Photoshop Artist
Normal and abnormal lines on X-Rays of patients to demonstrate corrections.

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Megan Marie Art and Animation