CJ Thomas III

God is Good All the Time!


Cass CJ Thomas

3724 deer forest//2838 Baywood dr .38114-38115  (901)859-8217 (mobile)  (901)373-3978 (Home) cass.thomas@memphisrise.org


I have been working for a few bunnisses for a while.I am determined to work hard.I volunteer my time to people and helping others.Now a days we need communication skills either with social media or without and i know what we as the 21st century.I work very hard and is committed to what i do but also love what I do.


  • Organized
  • Planner
  • Dedicated
  • Committed
  • Realistic goal setter
  • Ambitious


  • I had my own company as a lawn service and made over $500 the first month.
  • I later decided to help with labor or carpeting,so I built things and helped put roofs and paint houses.
  • Not too long afterwards I was an assistant at a designer place and I helped flip houses (buying houses that may be in bad shape and fixing them to sell).


  • I have completed up to 9 th grade courses.
  • I will currently be enrolled in 10th grade for this 2019-2020 school year.Taking all honors classes!

Additional Skills

  • I was ambassador for  four years.And a senior ambassador for a year! I am very socially active.
  • I usually do a lot of volunteer work for school and church.
  • I work at church as a choir director for both youth,children and mass choir.I lead songs.
  • I am a Junior Deacon and a Youth minster
  • I am superintendent for my church Sunday school.
  • I am on the student council.
  • I was on track team as thrower and as a 400 mile runner.Went to the fanilas
  • I am the  Director of communication at the high school I attend

My Network