Help Wanted Signs are Everywhere, Well Almost Everywhere . . .

Things have changed in the job market, there seem to be more jobs than there are people to fill them with.  That's not something we can fix here, but what we can do is help you get your job posting seen in more places!  

Free Job Posting Tool

The #FunCrew of JustMy created myJOBS as a tool that will help you display your jobs and job wall in more places.  You can add your postings to our growing Digital NewsSTANDs, add them to your Digital Business Cards, and add them to your website all with just one click!  myJOBS is a free add-on feature of myCARD, the Smart Digital Business Card from JustMy!

Share Your Postings from Other Sites

What if you already post your jobs on other sites like  No worries, with our Shared Links feature you can still share your jobs everywhere with our myJOBS tool!

Online Interview Tools Coming

myJOBS is in its Beta testing phase, but we aren't done with it yet.  Start posting jobs on JustMy now and get our future upgrades free for the life of your account.  Wait for it, we are working on Automated Video Interviews, onboarding tools, and myFORMs for easy application input.  myJOBS is just another way we want to help you #BeAmazing

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