Meet JustMy!

They say we are all salespeople.  We present ourselves with tools like business cards, social media, business profiles, blog posts, and all sorts of content.  The problem is we have so many places to share content, it never seems to be where we need it when we need it.  So JustMy is creating DigitalTOOLS that bring all your content together from across the web, together into one easy-to-use link. 
Our creative team is constantly adding more DigitalTOOLS to serve our members and local community organizations. We started as a digital content publisher in Memphis, helping promote local non-profit organizations.  Today JustMy has helped local non-profits raise over $4 million by using our video and publishing services to bring in donors, volunteers, and sponsors.  JustMy is currently expanding our services to over 200 markets across the U.S.

Two Guys who thought they Could Change the World!

So we decided to help LOCAL's Thrive with Digital Tools like the NewsSTAND, Digital Business Cards, Business Networking Tools, and Content Distribution Tools!
What if we all worked together to create better communities? What if we helped LOCAL business owners with TOOLS to help them market and manage their business? What if we created TOOLS that helped LOCAL non-profits do more, reach more, and serve more? What if we helped LOCALS connect more with the #BeAmazing things going on in their Community?
That is what we are doing here at JustMy, building Digital Tools for you and your community. We could use your help, just create a free account today and check out our Digital TOOLBox.

Let’s #BeAmazing Together

Digital Tools designed to help LOCAL's thrive. Create, Publish, and Share Content to one person or 1000's.

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