Get Started with myCARD

This guide includes: Contact info, Content, Share Tools, Perks of Pro, and Team Members
  • Start Customizing | Make sure your are logged in and click on "myCARD" in the navigation. Once there, you can click on the header and logo images to replace them! You can edit the myCARD url if you want to as well. To see your personal card instead of the brand's information click the drop down arrow next to the edit button at the top of the myCARD page.

  • Add your Contact & Social Media Links  |  Scroll down more on that same page to add all your Contact info and Social Media Links

  • Pick 3 Hotlinks  |  These are links you want to be sure visitors check out. Give them labels like "Donate" or "Upcoming Events" and then paste link you want viewers to jump to after clicking on them.

  • Spice Things Up with Content  |  You have a Content Tab that is free with your account.  Name your Custom Tab and then paste in as many links to it as you want.  You can even update the images, titles, and descriptions for your links!  Share everything important to your organization including videos, blog posts, products, and more.  Anything you can link to, you can share with myCARD!

  • Check out our Share Tools  |  Add myCARD to your phone home screen and as your bio-link on your social media pages.  We even have a few email signatures ready for you. Oh yeah, we didn't forget anything!

Using myCARD

Look for Share Tools in your left navigation for all the ways to distribute myCARDS from JustMy. Here are 3 quickies!

Add to Your Phone Home Screen!
Your business card is always ready to share, even if you aren't meeting in person!
Post Your Card to Social Media
This you can do right now! Use the #grabmyCARD hashtag and we might join in the sharing!
Using Desktop Email?
Add myCARD to your email signature and boom! Everyone gets your Card!

The Perks of Pro


Upgrading to Pro and above tiers of myCARD includes Customized Style, more Custom Tabs, a Brand Video, a Banner Ad, and more perks coming soon.  The video will show you how to update these items.  Look for the Play Button on the Style, Add-Ons, and Content Hub pages for more details.

  • Customized Style | Use the Style Link in the Navigation Bar to edit your Style options.
  • Custom Tabs | Create your Tabs and drop in your content by going to the Content Hub link in your navigation.
  • Add-On's | The Add-On Link in the Navigation area is where you Upload your Banner Ad,  Brand Video, and drop in your Facebook Pixel if you are using it!

Do More After Upgrading!

Style, Content, and AddOns are here to make myCARD even better.

Tweak the colors, font's and background images of myCARD.

myTABS hold your links and content, create and organize them so they can work for you!

Ahh finally adding content to myTABS to make myCARD #BeAmazing for you and your brand!

Manage Your Team

Adding Team Member Cards is easy and it happens under the Admin Features tab of the myCARD page.

  • Drop-in their email address and press enter to invite them to the team
  • Your staff will receive a welcome email so that they can grab their card and start using it!  We'll help you out by sending them tips on how to use their card also
  • You can edit everything before they even sign up, such images and contact info.
  • Team member cards have the option of adding their own social media or using your brand's social media
  • They can add direct phone numbers, fax, mobile, after-hours, etc
  • Team member cards also include their bio, photo, and title/position.
  • Online booking/calendar links can be used on your digital business cards as well.
  • Don't worry, when you add content to your brand's card it automatically updates to your team member cards!


Note About Teams!
Teams is currently in Beta mode.  The #FunCrew of #JustMy will help set your team for free while we complete the updates so if you have a large team let's talk so we can streamline creating all of their cards for you.  Email to get your team cards set-up!

Upgraded myCARD examples

Message from the Co-Founders

The last couple of years have created unprecedented challenges for local businesses and non-profit organizations.  One thing we know for sure now, is that we all need each other more than ever before.  Working together as a community can help make the worst of times better for everyone.  Covid-19, Race Relations, and the Economic Impact that resulted has hit many non-profit organizations hard.  At JustMy, we are building tools to help non-profits and businesses thrive under any circumstances.  We aren't doing this alone, we are doing this with you and your community.  Using myCARD is not just about helping you introduce yourself, it's about coming together and helping each other grow, reach goals, and thrive.

We have a lot of work left to do for JustMy.  As you use myCARD and other services from JustMy, help us grow by introducing your #BeAmazing self to other business owners and non-profit organizations then help them do the same!

Let's #BeAmazing Together
JR Robinson  |  CEO & Co-Founder
Duy Nguyen  |  President & Co-Founder